Sewing Machine Blues – or Finding *The One*

Awesome! I found others who struggle with the same thing that I do!  Er, not that it is awesome that we struggle, but that we have issues with sewing heavy items!

I have a project that I am currently working on, and one that I recently finished, that have pushed my machine (like all the others past) to a point that I know I have to stop with the heavy sewing or I will bust the thing badly.

I have three machines. One is a very nice computerized machine: Janome New Home Memory Craft 7000. (It is really my sister’s that she inherited from her mother-in-law passing last year – my sister doesn’t sew, I got blessed). One is a heavy solid cast-iron Singer built in 1961 (the model number escapes me) and the other one is a Singer Fashion Mate from (I think) 1972 that is mainly plastic.

I had another that I bought in 1988 that I gave away to a fella who is learning how to fix machines. I tore that thing up. Badly. The gears (which are a mylon/plastic type material) are stripped and have to be replaced.  I am glad I gave it to him, he is gonna learn a lot from having it… and I will not have the frustration.

Now, this fella, tells me that I need to get a machine that has ALL METAL GEARS and that is NOT a slant needle. Okay. So I have three machines that do not meet all the criteria above.

He also tells me I should make sure the machine has a minimum stitch selection. If it does only a straight stitch, chances are I have found the *ONE* I need.

So my eyes are open wide and I am gonna search for The One at the local thrift shops, estate sales, and probably on Craigslist. Too bad garage sale season is over in Michigan. 😦

*Sigh* We [single and not so single] women are always looking for *The One* aren’t we? Whether we are trying to find him in our lives, in a story book, on television or in our studios… and then, when we get *The One* what do we do? I know, if I get the right machine, I will sing *Hallelujah!*

It sure would be nice to find *The One* man to warm my old bones too 😉



About robbiekw

I am an insatiably talented three-dimensional artist. I cannot get enough creating done in the day! I love nature and the gifts our world offers us. I love to recycle and repurpose things, but denim is my fondest thing to create with. Come on in and see what I am up to!
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