Field Trip: Needles and Threads (*and Bears! Oh My!*)

When I went looking for thread and needle information the other day, much to my dismay, there is very little information available at JoAnn’s… and the local Sewing Machine/Quilt/Embroidery shop had nothing to tell me. Please. Do I have to get ALL my information off the internet?

I really thought I would get a little more information… so… another field trip is in order.

Bay City, Michigan: (mainly upholstery, but I can use a trip to check out prices for super stiff fabric 🙂

Midland, Michigan:

Down State (Detroit Metro Area):

Hopefully I can learn something from a real live human with real live information from real live experience. *I miss my grandmas*

Soon… Soon! I will… I WILL have the knowledge it takes to figure out the exact formula for combining thread, needles, tension and fabric. *hope is my friend!*




About robbiekw

I am an insatiably talented three-dimensional artist. I cannot get enough creating done in the day! I love nature and the gifts our world offers us. I love to recycle and repurpose things, but denim is my fondest thing to create with. Come on in and see what I am up to!
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