And the thread is winning… But will Walmart? (Or what I really mean is, will China win)

…and I am lost. China makes what I make and imports it to my town… (My Dad reported this to me today after seeing someone with a purse he thought I made… asked the woman who she purchased it from –hoping it was me– and she said it was $5.00 at Walmart.) *sigh* Question: How can ya compete with that in the USA?

I only wish I could have had the opportunity to show my purses BEFORE they were being sold. “Chin Up!“, I tell myself… “My stuff is handmade from loved-no-more, cast-off-for-another-life items… and I am good.


So… now the search is one for a good thick thread that will work with me and my various projects that involve denim… Not JUST denim… but old, abandoned or discarded denim… My passion is this. (Or is it an obsession?). I am seeing, from experience, that thread, needles, power [in the sewing machine] and a bit of ingenuity make a lovely item. Now to get the right thread…

*hello, God? Can ya help me find what I need, and supply the financial part?* **thanks for hearing me!**

Gotta get some sleep after I check out a few things on the interwebs [sic](I love LOLcats! {see})

ta ta *wave*



About robbiekw

I am an insatiably talented three-dimensional artist. I cannot get enough creating done in the day! I love nature and the gifts our world offers us. I love to recycle and repurpose things, but denim is my fondest thing to create with. Come on in and see what I am up to!
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