Scissors and Needles and Thread! *Oh My!*

I have had a very maddening dilemma of late…

I use cast-off denim and reuse it for various purposes (most especially purses). Sometimes, for handles and joining seams, I am sewing through 8 – 10 layers.

1) Scissors: I have issues with cutting it (arthritis vs. scissors). I have electric scissors, but they jam up…So, what is your favorite brand of scissors, or which ones cut heavy fabric best? (Note: I do have a small and large rotary cutter, but the curves are VERY difficult to cut)

2) Needles: I believe I have tackled this with the change in machines as I am using a very heavy duty metal-geared machine now, but the fact remains, I need heavy duty needles. I know there are several brands and would like to know what others are using and their favorites. My machine takes standard needles (15 x 1).

3) Thread: I know I need thicker, heavier-duty thread but cannot find a good source at any local retailer… Especially in quantity (1,200 – 3,000 yards) and nobody seems to know what a “weight” for thread is! I realize that you can get “jeans” thread, but I am finding it is more of a top-stitching thread than a seam thread. My research tells me (as well as a good sewing machine mechanic’s teachings) that there is a difference between the strength of top-stitching thread and seam thread… All retailers that I have spoken to do not know ANYTHING about this. I currently use a 30 wt. cotton that I got from JoAnn’s on a spool that has 1,200 yards. So what thread do you recommend for heavy duty thread, what resources do you know of.

I also know that thread and needles need to be compatible… and this is where I surrender and ask for help. *whew!*

I am going to post this on my blog and other groups I belong to… I want all the information I can get my hands on! (Or should I say, that I will receive as a blessing from my divine friends? <BG>)

thanks all!



About robbiekw

I am an insatiably talented three-dimensional artist. I cannot get enough creating done in the day! I love nature and the gifts our world offers us. I love to recycle and repurpose things, but denim is my fondest thing to create with. Come on in and see what I am up to!
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