a moment of silence for my friend…

Renata Salvador died today. She was going to be 49 on October 18, 2010. She had been recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer… and it didn’t take long after that til she took her last breath…

Her laughter and sunny-smiling disposition is something that many have missed out on by not knowing her…

I… feel blessed to have known her… to have laughed with her til we were in tears gasping for breath, our sides aching… to have shared silly-little-girl-giggles and big ‘ol alligator-tears with loud sobbing and snotty noses. Forever, a friend… infinity…

I love you Renata… and I miss you already… I always will.


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well… the days are not so warm anymore…

I try to do my messiest work outdoors.

Being the climate in Michigan is rather cold in October, I am trying to take advantage of the warmth when it is here by deconstructing denim jeans in the carport. When I do it in the house, it makes a rather linty thready mess and the larger/longer thready things have to be picked up by hand before you can vacuum… or else well… you know how vacuum cleaners are… they love to break their belts if they get a thread in them… and then my time to create gets put on the back burner… *sigh*

So, I was ripping out rivets and seams today for a while… but the cccccold hit me… I had to retreat and warm up! BRRR. It was 50 degrees (F) and my whole body did not thaw for at least two hours! So… now I wait anxiously for the sunshine to come out, tomorrow (?)… and try to be prepared for Indian Summer when it comes… (I think this week!)

I do have oodles of things to organize, cut out, draw out, finish and begin… and I have a few “bags” of things to work on with little projects in them for just this type of situation. Mainly they are experimental ideas that I play with when I am bored, need a break from a difficult objects I am working on… or just for inspiration… here is an example:

all ready to make something VERY COOL with... stay tuned!

I will try to make a tutorial when I figure out exactly what I am going to do with them, okay?

off to sleepy! be blessed!


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okay, so although I wanted to get this blog started, I really wasn’t prepared to begin writing anything.

I have tons of things to share, mainly my creations. Possibly a tutorial or two… but at this point, I am just overwhelmed with thinking of words to place here.

So there. My words are done… stay tuned!


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